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Maison Premiere

Property of the one‐room!

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internet connection!!(lending UQ WIMAX)
LCD TV, DVD player, electric kettle set inside the room!
Easy access to Chuo Line and Seibu Shinjuku Line!
Right close to a convenience store!
Close to Kojima electric store and Don Quixote!
As the room has been renovated it is very stylish.
The key is a special card key type, so it is possible for women to feel safe.
The property is close to the station, and nearby is a shopping street, so you need not to worry if the time you got back is a little late.
There is a Daiei Kodaira branch, hospital, pharmacy, supermarket, 100yen shop, convenience store, restaurants and the town is a very convenient place to live.
There are also Bridgestone Tokyo factory, and several high schools and university nearby.

Property profile

Address 6-22-3, Ogawa-Nishicho, Kodaira, Tokyo
Station Seibu Kokubunji Line [Ogawa station] 5 minutes walk
Seibu Haijima Line [Ogawa station]5 minutes walk
Time to key stations 8min from Kokubunji Line
5min from Kodaira Line
3min from Higashimurayama Line

Facility description

Facility Linen, bed, bedclothes, air conditioner, tele-video, dryer, rice cooker, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, ccessory lamps, microwave oven, refrigerator, chair, curtains, TV stand, desk, chair seat, cupboard, ladle, cutting board, stove, kitchen detergent, sponge, frying pan, spatula, pot with lid, can opener, triangular corner, crockery, bottle opener, pot, dish towel, saucepans, knives, toilet paper, shower, towels, toilet trash can, toilet brush, hand soap, bath mats, wash basin, trash, slippers, tissue, hanger, mirror, dust cloth, detergent, dry laundry, clothesline, TV
★ internet connection (lending UQ WIMAX!) ★

Single Rooms

Room Num : #102 Rent (JPY) : JPY 60,000 Room Size : 10m2 Floor Type: Flooring Room Pic : Room Note: --
Room Num : #103 Rent (JPY) : JPY 60,000 Room Size : 10m2 Floor Type: Flooring Room Pic : - Room Note: --
Necessary expenses for contract Administrative fee JPY 10,000
Cleaning fee JPY 10,000
Total JPY 20,000